Smart Money Counts – Financial Mapping for Your Future

In these uncertain times, it is natural for young people to feel overwhelmed about the world around them and the issues that they will face as they transition into adulthood.

The current global economic downturn requires young people to develop smart money management skills early on, so that they can successfully navigate through life’s challenges as confident and knowledgeable consumers.

Smart Money Counts is specifically designed to teach students (grades 9 – 12) how to make thoughtful and well-informed decisions regarding one of the most important aspects of their lives – their finances.

This course lays down the essential building blocks for students to gain a keen understanding of today’s financial issues much of the public is grappling with and how to avoid the economic pitfalls that await uninformed consumers.

Smart Money Counts provides a great opportunity for young people to acquire financial competence and money management skills fundamental to mapping out their financial independence.

Through hands-on activities, students will learn the importance of becoming money-wise and taking responsibility for their economic well-being. Students will become able to confidently and independently research and evaluate financial alternatives and consequences before making a decision.

Smart Money Counts teaches students how to systematically construct, develop, and maintain a viable financial plan for all of their financial affairs, including short-term and long- term goals, spending, saving, borrowing, lending, and investing. They will become familiarized with major consumer laws and discover ways to skillfully prevent financial hardships through proper debt management, risk/reward analysis, and maintaining a creditworthiness status at favorable terms.

Consequently, as confident and well-informed consumers, students will be able to successfully map out their financial future.

This program meets state and national standards for economics, mathematics and personal finance.