Financial Fitne$$ for Teens – A workout in the world of money!

Research shows that students exposed to financial literacy are more self-confident and more competent in making financial decisions, building their careers, and acting as informed citizens. By gaining understanding of the real world, they increase their prospects for better lives.

Financial Fitne$$ for Teens has been designed to provide students grades 6 – 8 financial learning-for-life – an investment in their future.

The program consists of high quality materials that assist students in making better decisions for earning income, spending, saving, borrowings, investing, and managing their money.

The development of knowledge for use in everyday life of the students is a main goal of the lessons. All materials employ economics, called the science of decision making, as a way to prioritize the array of choices facing students when they make decisions. By prioritizing students learn how to make better decisions, and equally important to avoid poor ones.

Lessons are geared to active learning with games, simulations, role-playing, group discussions, gathering information, computer use and analyzing case problems that appeal to many different learning styles, are some of many teaching methods that are applied in the classroom. Active learning and student reflection dominate all materials, which will optimize student’s true learning.

One exciting feature of this outstanding program is that we provide parent reports for each lesson plan. Research shows that students learn a considerable amount of their economic decision-making abilities from their parents. YLTA is committed to assist parents in the practical education of their children. The reports are informative and instructive for both students and parents.

This program meets state and national standards for economics, mathematics and personal finance.