Did you know?

Young adults between 20 and 24 represent the fastest growing segment of the bankruptcy filings today; in fact, more people have filed for bankruptcy than graduated from college.

Nevertheless, less than 10% of high school graduates receive any financial education in school.

We believe that there is no better time than NOW to increase teen awareness regarding money matters, our economy, the financial markets, the risks of reckless spending, and careless borrowing. Research has shown as little as 10 hours of personal financial education will positively affect student spending and savings habits. Without financial literacy and the knowledge of how money works, young people will not be prepared to face the world that awaits them.

Our comprehensive financial literacy programs provide young people of all ages in Montgomery County Maryland and the Greater Washington Area an unparalleled and solid foundation in money matters and its management.

With fun, action packed classes, basics of investing, as well as advanced financial planning strategies, student quickly learn to set attainable goals and follow a realistic step-by-step plan toward financial success – a priceless gift that they will utilize their entire lives.


Summer classes held at Montgomery College

Fall classes at Montgomery College


My Money MatterZ >> Elementary school

Financial Fitne$$ for Teens >> Middle school

Smart Money for Savvy Teens >> High school